Sunday, November 23, 2014

Strange-Menage a trois-Photography-Love-Canon

The Rebel, The Mentor and Me
A Strange Ménage a trois

From the beginning it felt and looked like a three-legged milk stool: functional, well balanced yet low to ground – organic if you will. Two of the three were blind. The entanglement - how does one explain all the twists?

The Rebel was the instigator. Once my hand touched it, all inhibitions melted away. Cold, hard and black it was – another strange ménage a trois! The Rebel was like nothing I had ever caressed before. Life as I had known it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. The Rebel’s irresistible invitation beckoned me, intoxicated with LOVE, I was.  Rebel owned the key and I was the rusted lock. With each encounter, the rust on the lock, created by all the troubles and woes of old, began to release. There was loveliness to this rust and without the coverings of this peculiar clothe of oxidation, I felt exposed. Seductive, strong and responsive to my gentle yet trembling touch, a love affair began.

Much like Adam and Eve....I knew was naked!

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