Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Science Lab - Students viewing the Radiometer


I believe that rigorous academics at the Early Childhood level sets the watermark for students, which prepares them for the rest of their lifelong learning voyage. Passion is contagious and once embedded, the thirst for learning then becomes unquenchable. Passion is a motivating force because it sets sail a craft, when creatively developed with each student’s individual needs in mind; it then enhances the greater classroom community.

But how is that achieved? One way is to greet your students at the door every morning.

On the second day of school, consider greeting your students at the door. Sitting down on his or her level is key to properly engage. on a personal basis, with each student. Make sure that the students wait their turn to shake your hand. Teach each one how you want them to shake your hand.  (Remember to tell them that eye contact is very important when shaking hands. This will start the lesson on how to use the Sense of Sight.) The shaking of hands begins the odyssey of basic courtesy and respect as well. When you do this every day, the child develops a special bond with you; it’s called trust. One small step to creating WONDERMENT.

It begins with you!


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