Monday, November 24, 2014

The Voice-Rebel-Canon-Photography-Adam-Eve-

Day 2
The Rebel, The Mentor and Me
A Strange Ménage a trois
Part Two - The Voice

Adam and Eve had a suitor, THE SNAKE. Even though we don’t want to think about this grouping as a “strange” three-some, do the math. The connection to Adam and Eve was that I found myself in a beautiful garden, an arboretum to be exact. The Snake spoke volumes to the unsuspecting twosome causing a coalescence of biblical proportions. You may have read the story.  I, too, while in the garden, heard a voice and the ‘film’ that caused me to be blind were ripped away.

The Rebel was by my side. There were even times when The Rebel would brush my cheek. I, being inexperienced, didn’t know exactly how to handle these encounters. With The Rebel’s help, I began seeing things. Special things. Things a commoner would overlook. Even The Rebel saw what I saw. We were both so inexperienced.

The following is the first things that we saw.


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